Database Warning : Your database transaction log file size has crossed the threshold

Database Warning : Your database transaction log file size has crossed the threshold

You are getting this email as a result of an enhancement that was made in the 11 version to notify administrators if the SQL Log File Size crossed the threshold. In Service Desk Plus, under Performance Settings in Admin/ESM Directory you have the ability to configure the threshold for the SQL DB's Log File Size. If this threshold is crossed, then the application will trigger out an email to the admins warning them that the threshold log file size has crossed.


From the mail, I can see that your transaction log file is 2 GB and hence the application is giving you this warning message. One way to fix this is by increasing the threshold of transaction logs in the application. Consult with your DB admin and change the threshold size as per his recommendation. 


Alternatively, this can be addressed by setting the recovery mode in your SQL DB to FULL and also shrinking the Log File size. 


You can find the steps to change the recovery mode from SIMPLE to FULL here. As the recovery mode is already FULL, you can follow the steps below to shrink the Log File Size on the DB, and then you should not be getting this warning email. 


Note: It is suggested to stop the services of Service Desk Plus service before following the below steps. 


1. Login into your SQL Server and Open SQL Server Management Studio. 

In the SQL Server Management Studio, right-click your database, go to Tasks -> Shrink -> Files.

2. In the Shrink File dialog box     

  i)  Under Database files and filegroups choose File type as Log.

  ii) Under Shrink action choose Release unused space

3. Click OK to start shrinking the log file.

Hope this helps. If you still have any queries, please feel free to write to us. 

Best Regards.

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