Unable to restore data after changing DBserver to SQL

Unable to restore data after changing DBserver to SQL

After changing the DB server to MSSQL, We tried to restore the data from the backup file, but the restore didn't take place successfully so we followed those steps and everything worked perfectly.

Please follow the below steps and re-initiate the restore:

        1Please download the restoreData file restore file and rename it to restoreData.bat and place it under
             Drive:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin and replace the one in the destination.

2. Stop the services of ServiceDesk Plus and invoke the changeDBserver.bat and create a new DB. 

3. Now start the application service and wait for a couple of minutes and then try to access the application. 

4. Once after you see the login page, please try to log in using the default credentials. After successful login, please stop the services of ServiceDesk Plus. 

5. Now, open a Command Prompt with Admin Privileges and navigate to Drive:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin and invoke the restoreData.bat file like the below. 

After following the steps above restore will take place successfully and you will be able to restore data.
You can use the restore file in any case if your facing restore failure.

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